the dry bilge machine

Dry Bilge on New 60' Hatteras Motor Yacht "Ya Voy":

Owner Testimonial

Perfecting the Hatteras. 

Having recently purchased a Hatteras 60 Motor Yacht, I was very impressed by the superior overall workmanship on the vessel. However, upon entering the transom door, a pungent mildew odor immediately greeted me, even on this brand new vessel. The odor was caused by standing water in the bilges that the bilge pumps could not remove. 

Going after the root of the problem, I contracted with a company called Arid Bilge Systems who did a factory install and much to my pleasure they removed the standing bilge water from 10 separate compartments spread around my beautiful new Hatteras. The installation was relatively simple and quick, and I no longer have to plug my nose as I walk through the boat. The system should have been included in the boat from day 1, and I would have been irresponsible not to have it installed this piece of equipment on my new yacht. 

-D.V., Owner, Ya Voy