the dry bilge machine
Dry bilges aboard Jim Moores' 61' 1947 Trumpy, "Aurora II":
Owner Testimonial

I specialize in antique and classic American motor yachts--maintenance, restoration and refitting. A problem that I often come across has its root in stagnant bilge water. Many older wooden boats tend to have hull damage from wood rot and a mildewy smell that is impossible to get out. It seemed that nothing could be done for the damage and smell on my personal Trumpy, Aurora II, but then I installed an Arid Bilge. 

The problem with adding a new system into the boat is that people want to stay traditional, but we actually don't use the original bilge pumping systems on these boats to begin with. Aurora II already had a modern bilge pumping system on board--except it didn't work. I've done many a repair where sweetwater from an air conditioning vent dripped into and rotted the keel of a boat, causing tens of thousands of dollars of damage. Keeping the water out of the boat is just good for it. 

We were fighting a mildew problem and also the stink of the bilge which resulted from the decomposition of organic material down in the bilges--called the "Trumpy smell." I think that on its own this Arid Bilge will greatly improve the life of the boat. The change is just phenomenal--I couldn't sleep down below before, but now I can. For anyone worried about the price tag, the benefits way outweigh the cost of the system. Sometimes you just spend money on something that doesn't work, and then you're back to square one, but this has been a huge improvement. 

I found myself just sitting in the engine room watching the Arid Bilge work. The forward bilge in the boat is so dry, it's kind of scary! The aft bilge was the most leaking part of the boat, and now it seems like it's even leaking less since we've installed. Arid Bilge has truly done wonders for Aurora II.