the dry bilge machine
Two Arid Bilge Systems maintain the bilges aboard the 117' Star Sapphire bone dry.
 Built of wood two years ago in Istabul, Turkey, this 117' motor yacht had the cleanest, driest bilges that we have ever seen prior to an Arid Bilge System installation. Why? Because the owner, a world renowned doctor, knew the damage that standing water could do to his hull. The first assignment of the deckhand every morning between 8:30 and 9:30 A.M. was to wet vac the bilge compartments. The deckhand had to climb through several hatches and many compartments to complete this task. The morning after the two Arid Bilge Systems were installed, a big smile and a hearty 'thank you' came from the deckhand. This was a chore that he would not miss.