the dry bilge machine
45' Rybovich Spencer Sportfish with a dry bilge: under the engine room hatches
The issue - a small amount of water would always remains under the hatches of the engine room. Two small axiel fans were installed by Rybovich when the vessel was built in 1992. They would not create a noticable air flow.
The result - nearly 100% humidity levels in the engine room. This humidity would travel through the wooden floor into the salon above and into the carpeting, creating an odor throughout the whole yacht.
    As with most wooden boats, Arid Bilge pickups are placed on both sides of the keel, because limber holes are rarely cut through the keel. This is the battery compartment at the front end of the engine room, which is the lowest point in static float position. Water pocketing aft drains into this compartment.  These compartments along with two others are now maintained 100% dry by the Series 4 Arid Bilge System.