the dry bilge machine
Bilge odor issues solved aboard the 120' Motor Yacht Reef Chief: Pickup under guest shower
The issue - fuel tanks are positioned under and along the yacht's center line under the aft guest staterooms. A water tight bulkhead divides the Port & Starboard guests from the VIP, gym, hall and staircase areas. This leaves four separate and un-limbered bilge areas under the floors where water would continuously accumulate. The above pictures display the conditions under the Starboard guest head. The hull is sloped down to forward, and there was no easy access or bilge pump under the shower which is the lowest point. The thin white tube in the right picture is for the Arid Bilge pickup wand and is routed to that nearly inaccessible compartment under the shower. This compartment and  three others are now maintained 100% dry by this one Arid Bilge Series 4 system.