the dry bilge machine
Bilge pickup types and specifications:
The Pickup Wand
The pickup wands pictured above are the most versatile of our designs. The long stem can be hand bent in the field to any shape required and then secured with cable tie mounts. These pickups will also fit into the very narrow tight compartments. The pad on the wand can also be changed in the field, extending its life indefinitely. 

The mini pickup wand on right above is standard equipment for Series 1 and 2  systems and measures 4" wide x 5/8" deep x 10" high.

The wand on center is for Series 4 systems and measures 6" wide x 5/8" wide x 15" high.

The larger wand on left is for Series 9 systems. Approximate dimensions before hand bending are 6 3/4" wide x 3/4" deep x 22" high.