the dry bilge machine
Clean, dry bilges aboard a 40' GarWood Mahogany Runabout: Owner Testimonial

My name is Bobby Banister and I own a 1996 reproduction of a GarWood from the 1930s. It is a high-performance wooden speedboat that requires specialized maintenance, and a major part of the maintenance regimen involves keeping the GarWood dry.You never run out of pockets on a wooden boat--you can never get all the water out. You can only take it so far, as the bilge pump takes it to an inch of water. The GarWood is very watertight but fresh water from rain or washing is likely to make its way into obscure areas, where it can cause dangerous wood rot. 

People throw money at their boats left and right on unnecessary or unreliable stuff but this is a tool for the boat. You're buying a tool that's going to benefit the boat--and the equipment that goes with it--for its entire lifetime. Arid Bilge shouldn't be optional, especially for bigger boats. The system should even be built right into the boat from the start. 

My Series 2 Nano is exactly what I need. Freshwater rots wood, which causes odors, but this system keeps it dry. It's also versatile and I love that I can easily connect it to a shower sump. Everything we've expected it to do it has done faithfully, and I would recommend Arid Bilge to any boat owner who is interested in protecting and preserving his investment. 

-Bobby Banister

Bobby Banister is an Arid Bilge Systems Dealer and would be happy to assist you with upgrading your vessel. You may contact him or any of his staff at (954) 763-8743 for assistance.