the dry bilge machine

Dry Bilge on Classic 50' Hatteras: Hour Meter Panel

 A set of nine labled and resetable hour meters were added on February 19, 2008. This is the ultimate leak detection tool as was proven in the summer of 2008. I received a call from Gerry who takes care of Fanfare while she is docked. He asked me to come and check the Arid Bilge System claiming it seemed to be running all of the time. Instead I asked him to press the reset switch on the hour meter panel and feeling like a Doctor saying: "Call me in the morning." The following morning, I did receive a call from Gerry, and asked him to read me the hour meters. Eight of the meters read 0.2 hours but the center one (Port Outer Engine Room) read 1.7 hours. With the portable phone still on his ear, Gerry went from the Starboard to the Port engine room and reported to me that he had indeed found the leak. Then he said that his arthritis was in high gear today, could I come and fix it. It was the Air Conditioning discharge manifold nipple. The four air conditioners  feed from a common pump, and return to a common discharge. The bronze 3/4" nipple was eroded from the inside and had become paper thin. A small stream of water was leaking at the threads.