the dry bilge machine
The Eco Friendly Discharge Companion 3 is a
Coalesce type oily water separator designed to work in
conjunction with Series 2 & 4 Arid Bilge Systems
Consider the benefits . . .
If you currently have an oil leak on the yacht, that oil will dispurse into the bilge water and is finally pumped over the side. You could be fined for water pollution, even though you might not be aware that there was a leak. Eventually, as that oil leak becomes more serious, you end up finding it, but only after making a mess of your boating adventure.
With the Arid Bilge System and Eco Friendly Discharge Companion 3 combination, everything changes. With this installation, the bilges are maintained 100% dry. If a layer of oil is captured in the right chamber of the Eco Friendly Discharge Companion 3, it can be removed manually through the hole in the center of the lid. Now the volume and type of oil leaked can be observed. Finding an oil stain in a dry bilge is a breeze. Then locating and fixing the source of that leak becomes a much easier process. In the long run, the boat becomes more reliable, and smaller repairs are made sooner before more serious damage is done to the motors. Pollution fines are also avoided while protecting the surrounding marine habitat. This becomes a win-win situation with cleaner bilges, a cleaner environment and lower maintenance costs in the long run.

Unit dimensions: Height 10.5", some additional space should be left above for access to the suction hole.

Width: 10" to the ends of the flanges, additional space should be available for the discharge port connection

Depth: 6.5"

Dry weight: 5 pounds

Main unit material: Lexan type plastic 1/4 inch thick

Power requirements: none

Ports Intake: 1/2 inch barbed
Water discharge: 1/2 inch barbed
Oil suction hole: 15/16"

Certifications and standards met: none as a stand alone system

Q - Why can't I just connect the Eco Friendly to my bilge pump?
A - The Series 2 & 4 Arid Bilge Systems are low flow units. They allow for "resident time" of liquids in the right chamber of the Eco Friendly, which allows the oil to rise to the top forming a surface layer. When connected to a standard bilge pump, the Eco Friendly would simply overflow sending the mess back into your bilge.

Q - What standards or certifications does the Eco Friendly meet?
A - None. We know that it works because you will start to see oil and or fuel build up at the top of the right chamber.

Q - What maintenance is required?
A - In normal use, the Eco Friendly should be maintenance free. If small amounts of oil are seen in the right window, then remove and store until enough oil is accumulated for recycling. Removal and thorough cleaning is recommended annually or after any large spill.

Q - How does the Eco Friendly work?
A - Discharge from the Arid Bilge System enters on the left side of the box into the first of two chambers. Chamber 1 allows the air to escape. Flow is restricted through a 3/8" standpipe to chamber 2 which is the larger of the two chambers. An additional port between chambers 1 & 2 allows any accumulated surface layer of oil to travel to the second chamber during full discharges from the Series 2 or 4 Arid Bilge Systems. A second vertical standpipe located inside the second chamber acts as a siphon break to prevent the Eco Friendly Discharge Companion 3 from draining. The heighth of the discharge port maintains the correct level.