the dry bilge machine
Testimonial about the dry bilge system on the 102' Crescent Motor Yacht
As a captain of a 15 year-old boat we found that no matter how often we cleaned the bilges, we would always find a small amount of water, which would never be drained using our Rule bilge system. The main cause for this is the insulation on air conditioning piping fails after a number of years, and condensation finds its way to the bilges. If the crew did not take care of this we would get an odor throughout the boat, which once in the carpet takes a long time to dissipate. So when we were presented with a system that was easy to install, with no electrical parts in the bilges and required minimal maintenance, it was not hard to convince our owner of the advantages. It now gives us more time to take him fishing and make cocktails and spend less time cleaning the bilges when guests are around.
It took the mate and myself about 4 hours to have the system up and running. After six months, we have not have had to touch the system, clean the bilges, or put up with foul odors.
We would highly recommend this unit to anyone with a new or old boat, as a boat is for enjoying not slaving over!!!!

Captain Sannoch "Kiwi" Clark
Motor Yacht Baroness