the dry bilge machine
Eco Friendly Discharge Companion prototype installed in January of 2007. Note the layer of emulsified oil in the central chamber.
This is the prototype oily water separator now available as the Eco Friendly Discharge Companion 1. It was installed in January of 2007. One other previous version was also tested for us by the crew of Baroness. With 16V92 Detroits for power, oil in the bilge becomes an accepted fact of life. 
During October of 2007, two mechanics removed a part off the Port motor. They panicked and apologized to the Captain, stating that they would contain and clean the mess they had created. Captain Kiwi responded: "no worry, you see that box over there", pointing to the Eco Friendly Discharge Companion,  "the oil will be in there when you return tomorrow." This seventh generation prototype proved so successful and we now offer it as part of our product line.