the dry bilge machine
Dry bilge system onboard a 103' Destiny Class 1967 Camper & Nicholson: read Captain John Leder's testimonial

February 1, 2009
    Motor Yacht "Blue Guitar" is a 103' Camper Nicholson, riveted steel hull built in 1967. I have been aboard her as Captain since early 2002 and have been in the yachting and commercial fishing industry for 33 years.
    The owner asked me if there was any way we could get "Dry Bilges" after being a guest aboard a small Feadship in New Zealand during the Americas Cup races there. They claimed to have dry bilges. I told him I'd look into it. Shortly after this, Al Baurley, a person with whom I have worked closely in the marine industry, was doing some work for us on the "Blue Guitar", mentioned he had a prototype of his system he would like to install on our vessel.
    He had two or three out in the field and wanted us as well. We installed the unit during May of 2005, and spent some time working out various issues the unit had, working in our particular bilges and zones. We, being a steel boat with engines prone to leaking, presented some problems using his system. We installed magnetic wipes to deal with rust/steel particles, up sized the pickup lines, added more zones, and an Eco Friendly oil separator for the discharge overboard.
    Al's system now keeeps our bilges dry, helping to minimize rust issues that are ongoing on a steel vessel, and now have an oil separator, all thanks to Arid Bilge Systems.

John Leder, Captain, M.Y. "Blue Guitar"