the dry bilge machine
15 PPM Oil Monitoring Device OMD-21 by Deckma Hamburg modified for use with the Arid Bilge System Series 9 units and the Eco Friendly Discharge Companion
The entire bilge water discharge flows through the OMD-21 (oil monitoring device) above on left. This device will digitally display the amount of oil in the water at 0 to 52 PPM (parts per million). The oil monitor device is used to turn on an audio alarm and turn off power to the final discharge sump if levels exceed the allowable 15 PPM levels, thus preventing an illegal discharge. We modify the above components for ease of installation. The OMD-21 modifications are 1/2" barbed ports, modified flow restrictor, pre-programmed and pre-wired to the Discharge Pump Control & Alarm Box. These modifications make the installation process quick and straight forward with no complex manuals to review. Compare our extended Arid Bilge System to the cost of a (1.) centrifugal oily water separator, (2.) an Oil Monitoring Device and (3.) running all the Bilge Pump discharge to one central location with 1 1/8" hose. Next, (4.)  try to maintain the centrifugal oily water separator long term. . . .  Now it becomes an easy decision why the less expensive Arid Bilge System is clearly the better choice!!!
A copy of the USCG Certificate of Approval for the OMD-21 by Deckma Hamburg
To maintain clean, turbulent free water flow the flow stabilizer above is used in the discharge circuit just before the OMD-21. This allows the small bubbles to exit through the upper port. The port on right accepts the flow from the Mycelx cartridges. A second expansion port is located on the left which would allow a second Arid Bilge System with a second Eco Friendly Discharge Companion to be connected. The lower ports of the flow stabilizer and OMD-21 are connected together with 1/2" hose. After the flow leaves the OMD-21, it runs through a vented loop, a discharge sump and finally to the thru hull. Custom drawings can be provided for your specific application.