the dry bilge machine

Arid Bilge is a central vacuum system that automatically and effortlessly maintains bilge compartments throughout the vessel 100% dusty dry

Arid Bilge is automatic, reliable, flexible, and best of all, it really works

You will notice the Arid Bilge difference within 24 hours of installation. 

-Eliminate the #1 source of on board odors

-Lower on board humidity and prevent condensation damage

-Find small leaks that now leave trails through a dry bilge
-Stop mold and mildew before it starts to grow

-Enhance the vessel's resale value
-Optional USCG approved 15ppm oily water monitored systems available

-Available in 4 different models with 1 to 10 intake zone versions

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Click here to view Captain Sean Hickey the Northeast regional sales manager for Everglades Boats discuss the Arid Bilge System

"Arid Bilge just came naturally. It can be modulated, with a component over there, a piece here and a piece there. It's flexible. Arid Bilge is instrumental and a great alternative." - Captain Nick, 2010 NewCastle 114' M/Y Cortina

"Arid Bilge should have been included in the boat from day one. I would be irresponsible not to have one on my Hatteras." - D.V., Owner, 2009 Hatteras 60' M/Y, Hull #4 

"The change is just phenomenal… I couldn't sleep in the master stateroom before Arid Bilge, but now I can." - Jim Moores, Founder, Moores Marine (http://www.woodenboatrepair.com) and Owner, 1947 61' Trumpy Aurora II

The Issues Caused by Perpetually Wet Bilges

Odors various microbes, bacteria, and even mosquitos can make their home in a wet bilge environment. The boater ends up pouring bilge cleaners or household bleach into the bilges to keep this problem in check. He becomes accustomed to the odors, and his friends politely tell him that they don't smell anything, either.

Hull Integrity - Wood will rot. Fiberglass will blister. Steel will rust. Aluminum will oxidize and pit. Leaving the hull exposed, long term, to bilge water can be a costly decision.

Condensation Damage - A micro-environment is created onboard the modern yacht. Every day, as the sun beats down on the vessel, the poorly-vented compartments heat up. Around two or three in the afternoon, temperatures can easily reach 120 °F in some compartments, and this accelerates bilge water evaporation. Later in the day, as the air cools, dewpoint is passed and water starts to condense on everything in these compartments. Just climb down into the engine room around seven o'clock in the evening and look around. Is everything wet and slimy? This condensation causes rust on the engines and generators. Printed circuit boards and wiring start to behave unpredictably, causing equipment failures. Hoses and belts rot. The steering cylinder ram is continuously coated with deposits from condensation, which in turn causes the hydraulic seals to fail.

Mold, Mildew & SYS - (Sick Yacht Syndrome) 50% relative humidity will support mildew, which grows on the white bumpers stored under the floor in the cockpit. It also grows inside the compartments and behind the interior bulkheads. Add the mildew odors to the bilge odors and that "old boat smell" has arrived. Do your guests seem to spend most of their time up on deck complaining of queasiness? Do they seem to get seasick too fast, even in moderate seas? Maybe these issues are a combination of the vessel motion and the below deck odors. Once your guests become seasick one time, don't expect them to welcome a second invitation. If it's the girl-friend or wife . . .

Early Leak Detection - Owners of collectible cars routinely place cardboard under the engine to help locate leaks, but machinery leaks on yachts often drip into the bilge water to be dispersed. These leaks will go undetected for months or even years until the problem becomes big enough to locate. With the dry bilge provided by the Arid Bilge System, leaks can be found early, before major problems occur. Add a set of optional hour meters to track leak trends. Water leaks leave trails in the dry bilge which can be followed back to source. We also offer a full range of green yacht products to help protect the environment and maintain legal 15 PPM discharge levels.

Resale Value - First impressions are everything! You can't hide years of neglect. If the potential buyer lifts a hatch and sees a clean, dry bilge, or if that buyer's significant other says that this one passed the "smell test," then you are still on the road to receiving a good offer!

RDCPS - (Rapidly Depreciating Cell Phone Syndrome) Ever drop a cell phone, part, or tool into the bilge? Could you use it again or even find it?

Standard traditional bilge pumps must always be maintained. The Arid Bilge System is a low flow unit which was never intended nor designed to replace conventional bilge pumps. The Arid Bilge System is not to be relied upon to maintain vessel floation in emergencies. Instead, it is a supplementary system that takes over the day-to-day needs of the vessel by ridding the bilges of any and all standing water.